Agricultural Engineering in Murcia

Who are we?


At Ingecamur we are dedicated to providing professional and personalised attention in the administration of rural properties. We have a team of experts with extensive experience in the sector, which allows us to provide a high quality service and guarantee the profitability of your investments.

We take care of all the technical, administrative and management aspects related to your rural estate, always complying with current legislation and using the latest cultivation methods. In addition, we are a collaborating entity with the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment of the Region of Murcia, which allows us to manage and process your agricultural aids and subsidies, such as the CAP or Leader, guaranteeing that the maximum amount of subsidies can be obtained.

We deal with technical, administrative and management aspects such as, for example, compliance with current legislation, the latest in cultivation methods and with guaranteed profitability. Leave the administration of your farms in the hands of an experienced, responsible and expert partner, and we will offer you professional and individualised attention. Rely on ingecamur.



Imagen sobe un terreno rocoso para el apartado georreferenciación


Georeferencing consists of associating geographic information to objects, places or phenomena through a system of coordinates. This technique is used in several areas, such as cartography, territorial planning, natural resources management, research and decision making.

Imagen sobe un terreno cultivado lde trigo con el fondo desenfocado para el apartado Ayudas de la PAC

PAC support

The CAP offers support to farmers in Europe. The deadline for the Single Application 2023 opens on 1 February and includes important changes for farmers.

Imagen sobe un terreno cultivado lleno de arbolitos y el sol de fondo para el apartado coordinación catastro y registro

Cadastre and Register Coordination

Since 2015, according to the Mortgage Law, when selling or buying a property, it is necessary to coordinate between the registry, the cadastre and the reality of the land.

imagen catastro-imagen-slide

Segregation and Clustering

We are dedicated to the segregation and grouping of rural and urban properties, preparation of projects, management of taxes, application for licenses before the different councils and their management.

Tractor arando donde solo se ve una parte del mismo y con el fondo desenfocado

Processing of Agricultural Aids

In ingecamur we take care of the administration of your property so that you do not lose any of the aids and subsidies to which you are entitled.

Un aparato para medir terrenos con el fondo del terreno desenfocado

Topographical Services

In our engineering studio we carry out topographical measurements and surveys, plans and maps to resolve discrepancies with Cadastre, Registry, SigPac…

Imagen finca almendros

Other services

Technical management of farms, organisation, production, quality control, stock, projects, measurements, calculations, valuations, appraisals, valuations, expert reports, technical reports…

Do you need help to manage your property?

Our team of experts in engineering and agricultural economics specialises in providing customised solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of your farm. Don’t waste any more time and money! Click here to schedule a free consultation with our team of experts.

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